What we're all about.

"Saving the world from ugly websites."

- Company mission statement

Meet The Team

Granted it's small, but we sure are mighty!

Shanie Martin

Founder, Chief Developer, Chief Photographer, Chief Designer.

Jake Rickard

Manager, Client Liason.

Benson the Dog

Director of Distraction,
Expert in nothing.

Why Choose Us

So is there any reason to choose this company of two over the bigger agencies? - Absolutely! I am extremely pasisonate about what I do and what I do is make your business look great. Whether its a few photographs or a completely new website, I'm only happy when your digital presence is looking tip-top. I love that I can offer a personal service and really get to know my clients. Need to contact me outside of office hours? No Problem! I don't even have an office so my time is yours. Now you wont get that kind of service with a huge multicorporate company will you ... ?

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