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Web Development

Custom Theme Development

We currently offer two different development options. The first is a completely custom developed WordPress theme. Get your website looking exactly as you want it with as much additional functionality as you like. Any content that you want to update frequently can be completely under your control after development and we will set you up with your back-end login details.


We'll make sure your website grows with your business! After development we offer maintenance services to update your site or make any major changes you need. Whether you need additional functionality, content edits or more pages, you can be sure to get the same service as for your original site.

Other Services


Nothing beats original photos of your business for media marketing and web use. Take advantage of our half-day or full-day photo shoot options to inject some new media into your marketing. We'll edit the photos and give you digital copies so that you can use them for your own advertising and if you're having a website developed with us you can bet your photos will be all over it.

Web Design

We work with you every step of the way to make sure that you're happy with the look and feel of your website. If you've already got a lot of your own ideas we'll make sure their integrated into your site in a way that you're happy with. If you haven't a clue about design then thats fine too! We'll make sure you end up with something beautiful and functional.


Take advantage of our own fantastic hosting and domain name services. Having it all under one roof makes it much easier to manage, plus its quicker and easier for us to get your site live once your happy with it. - Win win!

Mobile-first development

Did you know that over half of internet use is now accessed on mobile devices? You can ensure your website will look great on mobile with our mobile-first development strategy. This means that we actually develop your site for mobile before developing for desktop so we know for a fact it will look great on all device sizes.


SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation which means getting your site seen by search engines! We take care of some of this during development but if you really want to boost your search engine ranking we can offer additional SEO services after launch.

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